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Hamptons Style Furniture & Décor | House of Curators

Hamptons-style interiors are defined by their light and whitewashed colours that combine laid-back beach vibes with timeless sophistication. Fresh and airy, the Hamptons style is the perfect look for every Australian home. Explore our stunning range of Hamptons-inspired furniture and décor.

Refined Furniture With a Relaxed Feel

If you are looking for a style that is both timeless and modern, relaxed yet inviting, the Hamptons style is perfect for your home. This American style interior draws on nautical themes, focusing on bright and light colours, that fits perfectly in every Australian home.

Here at House of Curators, we have crafted a stunning collection of Hamptons-inspired furniture and décor for your home. Our chairs, console tables, TV units, side tables, coffee tables, benches, buffet tables, and more will help you to create a classic and inviting home. Shop our full range of Hamptons-style furniture and décor.

What Inspired the Hamptons Style?

Outdoor and seaside living has inspired the Hamptons style, with its focus on symmetry, neutral colours, and décor inspired by nature. The Hamptons style originated on the East Coast of Long Island, a famous summer getaway for New Yorkers. It is a collection of charming towns and villages, known for its remarkable beaches and prestigious residents.

Few places have embraced the Hamptons style more than Australia, which shares a similar laidback, beach-front vibe to that of Long Island. While traditional Hamptons style in the United States may focus on oversized furniture, Australians tend to focus on filling each space with carefully crafted pieces that compliment the room as a whole.

If you are looking for a style reminiscent of summer getaways for the rich and famous in New York, Hamptons style is a perfect choice. At House of Curators, we have created a stunning and unique collection of furniture and décor inspired by The Hamptons.

What Colours Work best? 

Inspired by coastal and nautical vibes, the Hamptons styles utilise soft, airy, and fresh colours to blend the interior with the exterior. Light washed colours reminiscent of driftwood is a central feature in this look. Add in soft blues, bright whites, yellows and other neutral tones, which compliment the dreamlike lighting of sun-drenched days by the beach.

Style Tips for Hamptons-Inspired Homes

Hamptons style is all about soft furnishings and creating light, so large windows, mirrors, curtains, and sheers are a wonderful addition to rooms. Cushions can add an extra depth of colour to rooms, especially those with various patterns such as florals.

Wool and silk rugs can be combined to add softness to rooms while complimenting the flooring around them. Careful use of nautical accessories and decorations can add to the overall feel of a Hamptons-inspired room.

Stunning Hamptons Style at House of Curators

If you are looking to create interior spaces full of easy charm and coastal beauty, then The Hamptons style is a timeless choice. Check out our incredible collection at House of Curators.