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Rustic Style Furniture & Décor | House of Curators

Open the door to... nature. Breathe some fresh air into your home and embrace the authentic beauty that comes with a rustic style. Explore our stunning range of rustic style furniture and décor.

Warm, Inviting, and Genuine: Discover the Appeal of Rustic Furniture

Rustic style features timeless, outdoor-inspired details that never feel dated, and can work in any modern home. Rustic styling stands for comfort, cosiness, warmth: it is an uncomplicated, unpretentious way to invite nature into your home.

Typically utilising materials like wood and stone, rustic styled furniture breathes new life into any room of the house, from living areas to bedrooms and office spaces. 

At House of Curators, we have handpicked the most stunning rustic-inspired furniture and décor for your home and crafted an enthralling collection that is bound to appeal to nature lovers. Our sideboards, coffee tables, buffets and more will allow you to create an inviting, charming look and feel that draws from the beautiful sights and sounds of nature.

Finding Inspiration in Australia's Own Natural Landscapes

Australia is famous around the world for many things, but one is undoubtedly prominent: its natural spaces. The gorgeous, varied, and often unspoilt nature that locals and visitors alike can enjoy across the country is truly breath-taking, and we are proud and lucky to be able to experience it.

This is what inspired House of Curators to design and develop a unique range of furniture pieces that celebrate Australia's quintessential landscapes while adding timeless charm and functionality to your interiors.

A Simple, Neutral Palette of Colours

Simplicity is the name of the game when it comes to styling a rustic-inspired home, and this extends to the colour choice, too. Choose neutral colours that are reminiscent of natural elements: all the shades of white, blue, and brown will be perfect, and a healthy dose of grey wash can go along way. 

Our Styling Tips to Curate a Rustic-Themed Room or Home

The secrets to curating your rustic-style room or home all lie in adding simple, authentic touches to each space. Wooden benches and tables work wonders to convey a dining room with a more country-inspired feel, while a rustic sideboard or TV unit will transform an ordinary living room into your very own little corner of nature.

Keeping the rest of the room humble and uncomplicated can further elevate that countryside, rustic vibe that you are seeking to achieve. Another excellent idea is to combining wood with rattan, which can lend the whole area an extra natural feel.

Effortless Rustic Style at House of Curators

If you are a lover of the great outdoors and would like to bring some of it into your home, then look no further than the rustic collection at House of Curators. With its cosy, welcoming, effortlessly timeless pieces, this range can transform any room into a peaceful, nature-inspired haven.